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We are a renewable energy company, and our mission is to substantially reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the reduction of fuel consumption. We do this by leveraging the purest molecule on the planet — hydrogen. Our target? Help the shipping industry drastically reduce their annual billion ton CO2 footprint as well as their fuel costs.


Water-borne freight shipping is heavily polluting, accounting for nearly 3% or one billion tons of global CO2 emissions. As such, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has declared war on the sector’s pollution levels, embarking on a path to decarbonize – a megatrend that will last decades. The biggest near term impact of this environmental pivot starts in 2020, mandating the industry to reduce the amount of sulphur content in shipping fuel from 3.5% to 0.5% or face economic sanctions for non-compliance. The ripple effects are wide-ranging for ship owners, engine manufacturers, refiners, and consumers.




HES has developed a co-combustion solution that leverages an existing asset’s energy source by injecting it with hydrogen, significantly lowering the engine’s fuel costs, GHG emissions such as CO, CO2, SOx, particulate matter, and black carbon, as well as maintenance costs. The design is simple and safe, the installation seamless, and the cost of our unit attractive due to the short payback profile realized from substantial fuel savings.



Based at Limassol Port, H2ES, in consortium with the University of Nicosia’s Research Foundation, is working diligently on a transitional decarbonisation solution geared towards the marine industry that will shrink the industry’s challenge in meeting its aggressive emission targets. Produced in-situ via water electrolysis, we aim to unleash the power of hydrogen by combining robust safety measures and automation that will render hydrogen’s use as a fuel as common as natural gas is today.

By harnessing hydrogen’s superior fuel value and zero carbon characteristic, we have strong evidence that the addition of hydrogen in the combustion chamber will result in faster rates of initiation and the propagation of flames across the whole combustion range, thus not only increasing the efficiency of the combustion cycle but reducing a variety of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, unburnt hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, and black carbon will be analysed in real time, providing shipowners and operators with a compliant solution that improves transparency with environmental regulations.

Our goal is to take our findings from our research and really accelerate the industry’s decarbonisation efforts which have sorely lagged to date.

The consortium would like to thank the Research & Innovation Foundation of Cyprus and the European Structural and Investment Fund for their steadfast support. We would also like to thank Petronav Ship Management and Fameline Holding Group for their ongoing support and technical efforts to make this project a reality.

The Project SEED/0719/0190 is funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.



Dr. Peter Savva – Special Advisor
Dr. Savva’s research activities focus on air depollution technologies development and hydrogen energy applications. He has worked for more than 15 years on hydrogen applications for emissions reduction and is the co-inventor of several patents concerning depollution catalysis with the use of hydrogen, two of which have been licensed to LINDE Engineering AG (Germany) for novel stationary environmental applications. He has won numerous awards, and has been recognized by the Cypriot Research Promotion Foundation as well as the Danish Academy of Sciences for his efforts concerning research and the environment.

Scott Waite – Co-Founder and CEO
He was formerly the co-head of institutional sales and trading at CIBC Capital Markets based in London and held previous capital market roles at Macquarie Securities and Credit Suisse where he was focused on emerging markets and commodity-related sectors.


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